PostHeaderIcon What program will let me print a jpeg file into a business card?

I made a business card on paint and I need to print it but i can not figure out how. I have a pc and a photosmart printer. Please help.

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  • pot says:

    Print business cards on the Internet simple.
    To design and select the background provided. or Your is background image.

  • dewcoons says:

    Normally business cards do not come individual, but on a sheet of 8 to 10 cards. In order to print the business cards, you have to make a page that has eight to ten cards (depending on the sheet you pruchase) spaced to match the cards on the sheet.

    Paint is a poor program to do this with. It is better to use a Word Processor such a MS Word – or the Wordpad program included with Windows.

    If you have MS Word, it has a wizard under Labels and Envelopes in the menu that will automatically give you a blank page with the layout for the 8 or 10 business cards on it. You would simply take your business card from Paint, save it as a jpg file, and then paste it into each of the 8 or 10 business cards in the Word layout.

    If you do not have Word, you can do the same thing using Wordpad. Only you would have to create the 8 or 10 business card layout yourself.

    Measure the top and side margins on the business card sheet you purchased, and create a blank page with the same margins.

    Paste your business card (saved from Paint as a jpg file) into the page 8 or 10 times, divided into two rows.

    You might have to play around a little with the margins and spacing between the pictures to get them to perfectly match the sheet of cards you purchased. Print on regular paper and compare it to the sheet until you get it perfect.

    You could also print them directly from Paint by making a larger picture (the size of your business card sheet) and paste the card into the picture 8 or 10 times so that they match the layout of the business card sheet. Again, it will take a little trial and error to get it perfect.

  • Justin says:

    The simplest way is to create a page in Word and change the Page Properties to the size you need. Then copy the image from Paint or simply drag the file to Word area and re-size it so it fits the page. You may also give a try to Ulead Photo Express, it has the option to create business card as well.
    Good luck

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