PostHeaderIcon is it a good idea to sell your art to a poster company to collect royalty?

I have this opportunity to give my rights to my art to a poster print company, but collect a 2% royalty per sale. These posters go everywhere in the world, but it would take a lot of paintings and a lot of sales to make a good living.

The upside is that I could choose to be a resident artist and work with them on my new art and keep producing new pieces for their interest. Also my work will be seen in every store and then I can sell my originals at a much higher price.

The downside is unless you are a trend setter, you have to go with what the trend is (which is the practical side of art anyway). Also, you can not sell Giclee of your art.

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  • akathepurplecow says:

    no, it’s a very bad idea – keep your rights – this is not a company a self respecting artist should have anything to do with… sell THROUGH a company, but not TO it..

  • jgray7500 says:

    Sounds like a good opportunity. If worred about long term then do a 3 year contract or something.

  • JGinCowtown says:

    You have to have it written into the contract that you retain the right to sell the original. If you sign over FULL copyrights (which they almost certainly will ask for), that gives them control over even the original and how you show and sell them. Also consider that though there are millions of posters sold, there are tens of thousands of designs which means the market share per design can be incredibly small for you but they still make a terrific profit. If your poster sells 100,000 copies over two or three years, a roaring success, you will gross 4,000.00 total (lthen subtract 28% taxes) over those two or three years. Be careful. It may be a reasonable income stream, but you must also do your homework first. Check out the market for standard commission deals, get a lawyer to go over any agreement you are offered, make absolutely sure it is all spelled out! Compare the cost of doing it yourself and marketing them directly to outlets, mall kiosks, gift and flower shops, school fundraiser deals, etc. If you have a market of, say, five shops selling five designs that only moves 500 posters (Thats only ten posters of each design at each outlet a year), but you net 10.00 on each poster youre already netting 5,000.00 a year and way ahead of the game where you would’ve been legally bound to making 2 cents on the dollar for someone else. Royalty markets can be good…if YOU are established first, your royalty position will be much more valuable. If they get you now at 2% I guarantee you will be kept there, with smaller increases if any, for as long as they can keep you there. They are in business to maximize their profits which means they MUST minimize yours!
    Treat yourself as a corporation, make a plan with targets, benchmarks and goals and make your decissions based on that.
    Good luck and if the royalty thing is right for you don’t hesitate. If you can make it as your own boss, though, then youre the one maximizing profit for you, not someone else.

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